Outdoor Play

Our Pre-School caters for outdoor play with zoned areas for specific types of activity. This provides children with access to a variety of stimulating activities in a larger area.

Benefits of Outdoor Play
There are many reasons why our early years setting benefits from outdoor play.

  • Increases attention span. Studies have shown that greener, more natural settings appear to reduce ADHD symptoms in children and may encourage more independent thinking. Children who play outdoors more often may focus better than kids who don’t get much time outside.
  • Provides Vitamin D. Children need Vitamin D, an essential vitamin for healthy development. The sun, even when hiding behind clouds, provides a free and natural way to reap these benefits.
  • Improved health & fitness. Outdoor areas provide greater space for children to run around and explore. This additional space for children to move around in helps prevent heart disease and promotes the growth of strong bones.
  • Improves vision. Optometrists report that spending more time outside can help increase your child’s farsightedness, due to the pupil restriction in a brighter light.

Related Activities

  • Nature Walks
  • PE
  • Planting
  • Ride-Ons, Trikes & Bikes
  • Sand & Water Play
  • Wild Flower Garden