Indoor Play

Our Pre-School caters for indoor play with zoned areas for specific types of activity. This provides children with access to a variety of stimulating activities whatever the weather!

Benefits of Indoor Play
There are many reasons why our early years setting benefits from indoor play.

  • Encourages creativity. Kids are more likely to use their creativity when engaging in certain activities indoors. Arts and crafts and story time encourage kids to be creative, thoughtful and imaginative in ways they can’t always express outside.
  • Lowers risk of injury. Although kids do need to experience risky play as part of their development, soft indoor play areas can help ease the risk of danger and injury, or prepare your child for an outdoor structure. Soft areas have a cushioned landing and/or foam and soft padding throughout the play area.
  • All year-round access. With indoor play areas children are safe from the sun and the rain (as is more likely!).

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  • Playdough
  • Mark Making
  • Construction
  • Loose Parts Play